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Addiction Recovery

recoveryAlthough many programs like to think theirs is the best way, or sometimes the only way, the real truth of the matter is that there are as many ways to recover from addiction as their are programs available, and more.

What Defines Recovery?

There are often different working definitions people have for recovery. Some say that they are in recovery, indicating they are continually working on maintaining their sobriety. Other people say they have recovered, indicating that they feel their substance abuse is in the past and that they have moved on in life.

We tend to take it all on a much broader scale, by saying that recovery is the individual process that someone goes through to regain control of their lives after a substance use disorder, regardless of the length of time. It really is a personal journey, so one person may feel like his recovery will last a lifetime while another may believe that it is take one day at a time. Some people continually work on their recovery through meetings support groups, additional treatments, and others may just stop without any formal treatment.

The point is that there really is no wrong way to recover. It’s about improving your life and being healthier and happier and not letting drugs or alcohol control you or harm those around you.